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《a yamanaka ino community》

About Ino

Name: Yamanaka Ino
Ninja registration number: 012604
Birthday: 9/23 (16 years old, Libra)
Height: 162.2cm
Weight: 46.0kg
Blood type: B
Personality: selfish, lively
Favorite food: petit tomatoes, pudding
Least favorite food: sashimi (slices of raw fish)
Would like to fight: Sakura Haruno
Favorite word: many words from hanakotoba (the Japanese language of flowers)
Hobby: shopping

Pretty Cosmos
This community is dedicated to Yamanaka Ino, a cute blonde kunoichi who deserves far more recognition than she gets. Here you can post fanfiction, fanart, graphics, discussion, and anything else related to Ino.

Ads are permitted, though they should be on-topic in some way. Keep large images and fanfiction under a cut, and include a warning if anything you post isn't worksafe in some way. Please be respectful towards other posters, and avoid character bashing.

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