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InoSaku; Well, We Tried

Title: Well, We Tried
Characters: Yamanaka Ino, Haruno Sakura
Ship: InoSaku
Word Count: 898
Rating: PG13
Summary: Established relationship, not canon compliant. Ino and Sakura attempt to have drunk sex. “Attempt” being the operative word.
A/N: Decided to finally start crossposting my fics from Naruto Yuri Week (which ended up being a non-event, *uglysobs*). This silly little thing is based on an idea I had sitting around for literally years and just never got around to. It ended up pretty different from what I originally had in mind, but I still had fun with it and am fond of it. It's probably my favorite thing I wrote for the week, actually.

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InoTema One-shot

Title: Now and Then
Characters: Yamanaka Ino, Temari
Ship: InoTema
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 500
Summary: Snapshots of a love story presented in reverse.
Notes: Wrote this for Femslash February, figured I should get around to cross-posting it. I'm still not sure I made the right choice in writing the scenes as drabbles, but I'm not wholly displeased by the result, so.

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One-shot: When All the World's a Stage

Title: When All the World's a Stage
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Yamanaka Ino, Haruno Sakura
Pairing: Could be read as gen or InoSaku
Word Count: 1650
Rating: PG
Summary: Sakura doesn't know the specifics of Ino's mission and she doesn't ask.
Notes: Written for kalliel for this meme. It's still 2013 somewhere, so I say it counts. It's still 2013 somewhere, so I say it counts. Curse my forgetfulness. Glanced over but not beta-read.

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InoSaku Drabble

Title: One Way or the Other
Author: dustbunny105
Rating: PG13
Summary: You don't know quite how this will go, but you know exactly how it will end up.
Warnings/Comments: For femslash100 prompt #354, peace. Rated for implied sexual happenings.
  Title: Sunyshore Matchmakers
Author: muchenthusiasm 
Fandom: Naruto/Pokemon
Pairing: Volkner/Ino... kinda sorta. Lucas/Dawn.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Dawn asks Ino for some love advice. Thing is, she doesn't know that Ino is working with Volkner to get her and Lucas together, with the help of Flint.
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Pokemon~
Notes: Stand-alone one-shot.


Title: Skepticism
Author: muchenthusiasm 
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Naruto/Pokemon
Pairing: Volkner/Ino
Summary: Volkner won't believe Ino, even after two weeks.
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Pokemon~
Warnings: Possible brain-breaking thinking about this pairing.
Notes: Refer here for how she got to Twinleaf. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY BRAIN-BREAKING CAUSED BY THIS FIC (or the many that will follow).

Fanfiction: Full Bloom

Title: Full Bloom
Genre: General/Romance
Rating: Fiction Rated: T
Summary: ShikaIno. He doesn't know whether to consider himself lucky or troubled that he will always be the one to see her in full bloom.

Lucky. Definitely lucky.

Fanart <3

Okies...I just started Livejournal last week and I'm a huge Ino fan...so here I am...

Just wanna drop off to say hi to everyone here (^_^)/

I'll start off my community contributions with my new Ino fanart  

http://hikari-namikaze.livejournal.com/1373.html  <---here ^^

Ino Fanart

Some Ino Fanart I did recently!~ Gotta love Ino C: ~
Please credit if taken

       [ See it here! ]Collapse )

Fic Dump

I totally forgot that I joined this comm. Way to fail, me.

Anyway, I've got some Ino fics tagged at my writing journal here if anyone is interested. The Ino-centric fics consist of four drabbles (one PG13-rated InoSaku, one G-rated InoHina, one G-rated InoChou, one PG13-rated gen) and four one-shots between 700 and 7000 words in length (one G-rated InoHina, one PG13-rated InoHina, one PG13-rated InoChou, one PG-rated gen). Also under the tag is a G-rated, Sakura-centric gen fic in which Ino features prominently and a SakuHina fic in which Ino has a supporting role.

ETA: I was playing with the interest search a while ago and couldn't help noticing that there's no comm for LeeIno InoLee. If I made one, would anyone join?